Why Many British Teenagers Quit School and How Can They Reintegrate?

The United Kingdom has more teenage drop-outs than in most developed states. Statistics show that nearly one-in-five pupils currently leave school at 16. Why does this happen? Why many British teenagers quit school and how can they reintegrate? For finding the answer to these questions, continue to read this article.


Children in other countries such as Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, and the Czech Republic are educated to a much higher standard than in Great Britain. Youngsters who are most likely to leave school, are in most cases extremely poor or have immigrant families. Unfortunately, in England are lots of immigrants and that’s the reason why so many teenagers don’t continue their studies. The real problem is that many families don’t know exactly how to educate the children and some of them don’t even try to do it. Before school, a child needs to receive a very good and strong education from his parents and then this education will get a boost in the school. If they don’t receive anything like that from their parents, then chances to quit school increase quite a lot.


On the other hand, there is also a large number of British teenagers who choose to quit school from different reasons. Some of them make wrong friends who negatively influence them, whereas others deal with depression or other medical conditions. In plus, there are also teenagers who come from poor families and they cannot afford to continue their studies as they need to work and earn money. All these unfortunate situations are often met in the United Kingdom, and that’s why the education system does its best to find the right solution. Until now, the only thing that has been done in Great Britain is the foundations of various organizations that can help youngsters and not only reintegrate at school. They offer free courses and other advantages for the poor ones, as well as psychological counseling.


There is no doubt that studying in the UK can help you build a beautiful career and have an excellent future, but helping those in need is also necessary. Even though you can easily find a job in this state, with or without studies, it is very important to learn, improve your knowledge, and beautifully develop yourself as a person in order to live a fulfilling life. That’s why parents should know that once they decide to have a child they must make sure that they invest all their knowledge and time in education in order to help the child continue his studies and do in life something that he likes. As long as parents invest energy and time in their children, they can be sure that they will never quit school and that they will make the right choices in life.


As a conclusion, we would like to also mention that this problem is a global one. There are many other countries in the world that deal with it, and one of the best solutions is to inform parents about what they need to do with their children as well as teenagers. Education at home is the first and most important thing that a child should receive before even starting school.

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